Adventure Summer Camp

Have your child join our professional naturalists for outdoor adventures that spark their curiosity, make memories and lead to personal discovery.

2022 Registration Opens Monday, February 14th

Adventure Summer Camps 

For children 6-8 years old

Fee: $150 per camp; $130 for members of the Friends of Wehr

Nature Snoopers

Tuesday & Wednesday, June 21-22, 2022

9 am-4 pm

Are you ready to go snooping for nature’s mysteries? Join us to explore Wehr’s trails in search of the secrets the forest, field, and pond hold. We’ll go on an insect safari, learn the buzz about bees, solve the mystery of the rotting log, and have plenty of time to play with mud pies, forts, and fairy houses.

Water Explorers

Thursday & Friday, June 23-24, 2022

9 am-4 pm

Fee: $150 per camper, per camp; $130 for Friends of Wehr members

Explore Earth’s most miraculous and important substance, water! Campers will compete in the “Water Olympics” to learn about water’s properties, work as a team to float a boat down a river they design, trek to a waterfall, discover the amazing microscopic creatures living in a drop of pond water, and take an incredible journey as a water drop. Join us for a splashing good time!


Kid Expeditions Camp

For children ages 8-11

Monday, August 1 to Friday, August 5, 2022

9 am –4 pm

Camp Fee: $300 per camper; $250 per camper for Friends of Wehr members

This isn’t a camp, it’s an ADVENTURE! Our group of curious explorers go on daily expeditions to discover the wilds of Wehr. Treks, games, art, and science activities will teach children about the natural world and foster curiosity and creativity. We will design arthropod experiments, explore a river, engineer our own waterways, learn geology while we play a no-tech version of Minecraft, and share a Kid Ex theater production with our families.