Don’t feed the animals

Thank you to the nice human that thought they were doing something kind for wildlife by leaving a large pile of bread next to the trail in the woods.  Unfortunately, it is not a great thing for wildlife to eat.

Think about that gluten intolerant friend or family member that can’t eat bread and what it would do to them if they eat bread.  Then thinking about it from a wildlife perspective.  Bread is not something a creature is normally going to find in the wild.  Sure they may eat it, but is it good for them?  

Bread products contain very little nutritional value for wildlife. In fact, they can be full of sugars, sodium and carbohydrates. Sadly, these ingredients can be deadly to birds, squirrels, fish and many other animals that are not equipped to digest this unnatural diet.

For example, ducks and geese can develop wing deformities know as “Angel Wing,” if they eat too much bread which in turn prevents them from flying.  

*Please note, the naturalists cleaned up this large pile of bread and placed in the trash*

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