Erosion at the Nature Center

Water is washing away the very earth beneath your feet as you cross the bridges along Wehr’s boardwalks. The Friends completed a project to temporarily stabilize the stream banks under the bridges on the boardwalk in 2022 with the help of high school students enrolled in Cream City Conservation Corps. We also hired a consultant to identify a long term solution to the problem. The City of Franklin has repaired a failed storm sewer manhole at the top of the hill. Milwaukee County is working with the City of Franklin to determine who is responsible and at what level. This determination will impact the funding and pave a path forward towards a sustainable solution.

The banks under the bridges are stable for the time being but the channel continues to erode deeper in the center of the channel. Something needs to be done to solve this problem before more damage is done. Stay tuned for updates to this project by liking us on social media, subscribing to our bi-monthly eblast, or by becoming a member, or checking in here.