Friends of Wehr Native Plant Sale Fundraiser

Jun 01, 2024 10:00AM—3:30PM


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Become a champion for Wehr Nature Center and the environment by purchasing native plants. Any size planting creates a wildlife oasis, connecting beneficial ecosystems that support plants, animals, and humans.

Why Buy Plants from the Friends of Wehr Plant Sale?

·         Cultivates healthy, safe, food-rich spaces for valuable pollinators, birds, and animals

·         Offers Southeastern WI-specific native plants from a selection larger than many local nurseries

·         Keeps nature in balance and use fewer resources through sustainable landscaping

·         Increases the productivity of your food garden

·         Creates mindful spaces that support personal health and well-being

·         Supports Wehr Nature Center and improves center habitats

Pre-order for the best chance of getting the plants you want. Pre-order forms will be available by mid-March 2024. Check the Friends of Wehr website for a pre-order form.   Plant Sale – Friends of Wehr Nature Center Forms must be received by April 25, 2024. To get on the yearly mailing list and receive a copy of the form, please send an email to  New this year! Friends of Wehr will receive an additional shipment of plants for the in-person sale on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you for supporting the environment and Friends of Wehr. See you at the sale on June 1 and 2.