Homemade Holidays – Pandemic Edition

Dec 04, 2020—Dec 06, 2020

Cost Event is free; $5 donation per craft

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Deadline to order your crafts – November 15

Pickup craft orders December 4, 5, and 7

Did you know that crafting helps reduce stress? Concentrating on the task at hand focuses the mind and reduces negative thoughts. Sadly, some of our favorite things have not happened this year due to the pandemic – we won’t let it stop Homemade Holidays! Crafts come ready to assemble and designed for your age group – we have gathered the recycled materials for you! These projects help children develop fine motor skills, self-esteem, focus and creativity by reusing and repurposing objects all while saving more “stuff” from going to the landfill! Depending on your choices, all you may need is a hammer, school glue or a glue stick to complete the project.

Recommended for children aged 5 and older. $5 donation per craft. Pick up dates: Dec 4, 9-4:30pm;  Dec 5, 11 – 2pm; Dec 7, 3 -6pm

Ages 5 and up:

-Cedar animal ornament – need tacky glue and patience

-Recycled Christmas card CD ornaments (makes 3) – need school or tacky glue

-Recycled Christmas cards with envelopes (makes 3) – need crayons or markers, glue stick or school glue, creativity and patience

-Pinecone Christmas trees – need tacky glue, ornaments and Epsom salt snow provided

Ages 8 and up:

-Wooden birdhouses with pinecone rooftops – need paint, tacky glue, and patience

-Yarn vases –need glue stick

-Clothespin angels –need glue for halo

Child w/adult help:

-Wren houses – ready to assemble, instructions included. Need adult supervision, hammer and drill.