Protecting Yourself from Summer’s Supervillians- Taking on Ticks

May 27, 2020—Jun 30, 2020

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A Series of Short Videos produced by Wehr Nature Center and the Greendale Health Department to help you stay safe while exploring outdoors. Free resources available while supplies lasts.

Topics will include: Tick identification and life cycles;tick supervillian adaptations, ecology of tick bore diseases;how to dress to prevent bites, how to safely remove a tick, and how to make a homemade tick removal kit

Videos will be available without cost or registration on Wehr’s YouTube Channel on May 27, 2020.  To receive printable resources about tick identification and safety, please register.

Please consider a donation in any amount to the Friends of Wehr Nature Center to help during this difficult time. Your donation will be used for our non-profit organization’s critical needs as we support the programs and facilities of Wehr Nature Center. Give