Wehr Naturally: Tea Tasting with Outwoken Tea- Session Three

Mar 28, 2023 6:30PM—8:00PM

Cost $40 per person; $5 parking fee applies to non-FOW members

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Rooibos Galore Tea Paired with Fine Chocolate

On this Tea Tuesday we will enjoy a tisane named Rooibos Galore. This blend has rooibos, orange peels, safflower rosehips, cinnamon, and hibiscus. Imported from South Africa, this tisane not only brightens up the day but heals you as well. I will guide you through the history of rooibos and proper brewing techniques, and you will also have a bag to go home.

Our chocolate will delight you and enhance the different tasting notes of the tisane. Each person will have a different experience and be encouraged to share it. The tisane and chocolate go well with the great company attending the event. I hope to share this evening with you on our Tea Tuesday.

Sessions also on January 21 and February 18