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Nature Wizard for Families-Wily Coyotes

Jan 21, 2024 1:00PM—2:30PM

Coyotes are clever canines that share our neighborhoods. We’ll explore coyote behavior and adaptations, discuss how to safely share our spaces with them, and take a guided walk to look for their tracks and scat.  Series for Members of the Friends of Wehr Make Wehr part of your family time. Friends of Wehr members at…

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Guided Forest Bathing Walk

Dec 03, 2023 1:00PM—2:30PM

Nature Wizards: Homemade Holidays

Dec 03, 2023 1:00PM—2:30PM

Wehr Birders

Dec 03, 2023 9:00AM—10:00AM

Wehr Naturally: Woodland Gnomes

Dec 02, 2023 1:00PM—3:00PM

Wehr Nature Center 9701 W College Ave Franklin, WI 53132