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Results of Round Four Voting (73 participants)

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2020 Champion of Migratory Madness


Baltimore Oriole

Habitat: Open woodlands; suburban neighborhoods

Where to see them at Wehr: In wooded areas near Mallard Lake (yellow trail)

Nest Type: Intricate basket woven of grasses; usually hung at the end of a branch high in a tree, often over water

Do they nest at Wehr Nature Center? Yes

Feeder Favorites: Oranges, sliced in half; grape jelly; sugar water from a hummingbird or oriole feeder

This sporty bird is a popular mascot of many a team. Their bright colors and happy song make them a favorite of our backyards. They love fruit of all kinds and can be attracted to feeders with oranges and grape jelly. They win the prize for the most complex nest, weaving a basket of grasses that they hang on the end of a branch.

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