Outdoor All-Terrain Wheelchair

Working Together with Access Ability WI

Access Ability Wisconsin (AAW) and Wehr Nature Center are working together on “Outdoors Access 4 All!” ™ We are proud to promote access, inclusion, and equity within our programs. As a partner, we work with AAW to increase access to the outdoors by planning inclusive, accessible events and being a host location for their all-terrain outdoor wheelchair (OWC) to use on-site at our location and off-site in the community.

Individuals*: Reserve an OWC to explore nature or include an enclosed AAW trailer to create your own outdoor adventure!

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Organizations**: Want to make your community events accessible? You can reserve AAW resources for events. Contact AAW by email Events@AccessAbilityWI.org or submit an inquiry on AAW’s website  about your event or program requirements for more opportunities to collaborate!

Wehr & AAW working
OWC fixed

Milwaukee County's Only Host Site

Wehr is proud to be one of newest members of the Access Ability Wisconsin™ (AAW) network, hosting an outdoor wheelchair (OWC) that will serve Milwaukee and surrounding counties. AAW is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to facilitating & providing the means for individuals with mobility challenges including those living with physical disabilities to access & enjoy the outdoors, promoting equity & healthy living. An outdoor wheelchair with a trailer exceeds $22K, but residents can reserve the chair from a host location with just a $50 refundable deposit and take it to their favorite private or public lands using the provided enclosed AAW trailer. These chairs can go where regular wheelchairs with skinny tires can’t travel. Providing access to these "hiking boots" allows anyone living with a physical disability an opportunity to experience the dignity & freedom to enjoy the great outdoors solo & with family & friends, just like everyone else!

If you are interested in learning more about our accessibility projects and initiatives, please contact Access Coordinator, Emily Brown at emily.brown@milwaukeecountywi.gov.

Experience the trails like never before!

Use the chair at Wehr, another Milwaukee County Park, or a location of your choice. Think ahead about your next outdoor adventure and reserve today!