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The Friends of Wehr Nature Center is committed to sustaining an accessible nature destination; a place for all seasons, a place for everyone.

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The mission of the Friends of Wehr is to support the Wehr Nature Center in its mission to inspire current and future generations to explore and value the natural world.



Visit 220 acres of nature preserve with 5 miles of trails and a visitor center complete with educational exhibits and live animals.

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Woodcocks, Wood Frogs, and Wine

Apr 01, 2023 6:30PM—8:30PM

Wehr Birders

Apr 02, 2023 8:00AM—10:00AM

Little Wonders Goose Chase for Two-Year Olds

Apr 03, 2023 9:30AM—10:30AM

Wehr Nature Center

News & Updates

From Yard to Natural Habitat

Here’s How We Did It! by Sarah and David Stokes When my husband, David, and I moved to Hales Corners in 2017, our yard consisted of a green grass lawn and several trees. We are both environmentalists and knew that a natural yard was in our future, but were not sure how to get started.…
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Forest Bathing Opportunities Come to Wehr Nature Center

Many of us have had the experience of going into nature to “get away from it all.” Intuitively we have sought refuge in our green spaces for various reasons, such as rest, relaxation, stress relief, and personal reflection. We are guided instinctually to seek these spaces out; however, recent scientific evidence has shown that our…
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Memorial Donation Keeps Frogs Happy

I love Wehr Nature Center. I know. That might sound obvious. After all, I’ve been here for over 26-years, but I really do. Wehr is of course special. It’s an island of green in an increasingly urban metropolitan area. But what I really love are some of the special places within this special place. One…
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Wehr’s Natural Diversity: The Upland Woods

The all-season beauty of the upland forest along our Blue Trail makes it must-see for visitors to Wehr. The 53-acre stand is diverse. Oaks, hickories, and black cherry trees are common in drier areas, while sugar maples dominate in moist north facing locations. Everything in the woodland revolves around these trees. Competition for light creates…
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