walking stick

We have hand carved walking sticks in a variety of sizes from Whistling Creek.

We have a selection of nature photos

We have the equipment you need to collect maple sap.  We also have Uncle Mike's maple products which include, Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup, Cranberry Maple Syrup, Maple BBQ Sauce, and Uncle Mike's Maple Root Beer made with Bourbon


Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. We also have a selection of books about maple syrup.

Make a gift of our warm hypoallergenic alpaca socks.


Check our selection of nature themed jewelry


Enhance your wardrobe and support Friends of Wehr

field guids

We have a selection of guidebooks to help you identify what you see on your hikes.

field guides

Stay hydrated on the trails. No need to bring a plastic bottle.  We have three styles of metal bottles for sale and a bottle filler fountain near the store.

water bottle 1
water bottle2
water bottle3