Mother's Day Plant Sale Fundraiser

Plant Sale - Take Out Style!

Spring has finally arrived and that means the return of our beloved birds, bees, butterflies, and a myriad of native pollinators. They will be looking for food sources and places to nest. Is your yard ready to welcome them?

Incorporating native Wisconsin plants into your outdoor space is an excellent and essential way you can support wildlife. Whether you are a rookie or veteran native gardener, the Friends of Wehr Annual Native Plant Sale has just what you need to create a refuge for pollinators and birds. This year’s event will again be a “plant sale take-out.”

We will call you in early May to arrange a curbside pick-up time sometime on May 7, 8, or 9 for spring ephemerals and early emerging plants, and/or June 11-13 for plants that need to “warm-up” before they can be sold. This two-date pick-up system will help accommodate the needs of plants and create more beautiful and higher quality native gardens for pollinators.

Because we are still under COVID best practice guidelines, payment for orders will be made over the phone with a credit/debit card once we know which plants will be available, just prior to the May pick-up dates. Plants will be paid for all at the same time even if some plants will be delivered in June.


What's new in 2021?

This year’s sale will have some new plants like Royal Catchfly which is a native plant in areas just to our south, but due to climate change is appropriate in our region now. Because of its beautiful red color, it attracts pollinators and hummingbirds and is recommended for native pollinator gardens. We have also added new sedges because they add texture and support to many native plant and pollinator gardens. One of their best features is that deer don’t like to eat them!

The order form will look very different this year, due to price changes from the grower and the availability of more plants. Please feel free to let us know how you like the new form and if we need to make further adjustments.

You can enjoy pouring over our pre-order form and return it by Wednesday April 21 to place your order. Paper order forms are available inside Wehr’s visitor center.

Some of our Favorites

Planning Your Pollinator Garden

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