Friends of Wehr Native Plant Fundraiser

Friends of Wehr Native Plant Sale Fundraiser

Saturday & Sunday, June 3 & 4, 2023; 9 am - 3:30 pm

It is never too early to start planning your gardens! Join the “growing” movement to help pollinators and birds by adding native plants to your yard. The Friends of Wehr Annual Native Plant sale offers a wide selection of native flowers, grasses, and sedges for a variety of habitats. Use the pre-order process to get the greatest choice of plants and the best chance of getting those plants. Some plants are available by pre-order only; exact plant availability varies and is not known until delivery. Shopping in person provides the opportunity to browse and ask questions. Pre-order forms must be received by April 27.

Plant Sale FAQS

It gives you the best chance of getting the plants that you want and allows us to order from our vendor before their stock of plants runs out. Some items such as plug trays and pollinator packs are only available by pre-order.  And you can still shop for additional plants at the in-person sale. 

  • Enter the number of each plant, pollinator pack, or plug tray you want in the box next to the name.
  • Return all pages of the order form, even if blank
  • Complete the order form and return to Wehr by Thursday, April 27
  • Questions on what terms like "spring ephemeral", "full sun", and others mean? Read our Glossary of Native Plant Gardening Terms 

Pre-order forms must be received at Wehr by 4:30 pm on Thursday, April 27th. You can email a scan of your order form to, drop it off between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm 7-days a week, or mail it to : Friends of Wehr, 9701 W College Ave Franklin WI 53132

Plugs are young plants that come in 2-inch pots. These two-year-old plants have well-developed roots but only a small amount of above-ground growth. 

Plugs are an economical way to plant a large area since they are much cheaper than more mature plants. They will take more time to produce flowers than stock in standard pots. 

Plugs are shipped in sets of 16 of the same kind of plant. 

Maybe, but it depends on their variety and size. Most plants will bloom in their second year after planting, but some will produce bloom in their first year. A few like white trillium may take longer to flower. 

Keep your garden colorful by planting some annual flowers among the perennials during their first year. Choosing the right annuals will provide pollinators food while your perennials grow. 

Your new plants will need some special care through their first summer. Roots are disturbed during transplanting, causing some "shock". It is important to keep the plants watered as they recover, especially during heat and drought. 

Mulching will help keep moisture around new plants and slows down weed growth. It is important to keep the stems of the plants free of mulch. Your native plants don not need any fertilizer. 

Mark the locations of your plantings so you don't accidentally pull them out the next spring thinking they are weeds!

If you have lots of rabbits or deer you may want to protect your new plants with some type of caging. 

Yes! We hope to have these plants in 2023:

  • Aromatic Aster Aster oblongifolius
  • Cylindrical Blazing Start Liatrus cylindrica
  • Slender Beardtongue Penstemon gracilis
  • Showy Orange Coneflower Ratibida fulgida speciosa
  • Starry Solomon's Seal Smilacina stellata
  • Bristly Sedge Carex comosa
  • Palm Sedge Carex muskingumensis
  • Serrsucker Sedge Carex plantaginea
  • Torrey's Rush Juncus torreyi

Back in 2023

  • Rough Blazing Star Liatrus aspera
  • Bluebell Bellflower Campanula rotundafolia
  • Birdfoot Violet Viola pedata
  • White Turtlehead Chelone glabra
Pollinator Party Packs

Start a Pollinator Party in Your Yard

Join the effort to support pollinators. Pre-order one of our ready-to-plant kits to get your pollinator garden started.

Only available by pre-ordering before April 27th! 

A Pollinator Party Pack is a group of 16 plugs that will provide an early summer through fall progression of flowering plants that pollinators, especially bees, love, and need.

These plants are all perennial plugs, which means they are small and will not bloom the first year. They can be added to an already existing garden or used to create a new space.

Pollinator Party Packs come in two types. All plants prefer full sun to mostly sun.

  • Wet to medium soil which usually has clay in it-much of Milwaukee County has this type of soil. The area may stay wet for periods of time.
  • Dry to medium soil which usually has sand or gravel in it. Drains quickly.

Plants packs may include a variety of the following:

  • 3 late spring plants such as Prairie Smoke, Wild Geranium, Canada Anemone, and Wild Columbine
  • 9 summer plants of various colors and blooming times such as Blazing Stars, Monarda, Milkweeds, Penstemon, Spiderwort, Coneflowers, and Lobelias
  • 4 fall blooming plants such as Asters and Goldenrods

Some of our Favorite Native Plants

Still have questions?

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