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Why Your Impact Matters

There's no better way to make an impact than to support Wehr Nature Center by becoming a member, volunteering, making a donation, and telling your family and friends about us! Your support can make a lasting difference.

We love sharing testimonials on how Wehr Nature Center is or has impacted our patron's lives.

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Sharing Nature with the Next Generation

"We think that Wehr Nature Center is worth investing in. The physical and mental health benefits enjoyed when walking through Wehr are priceless. Our wish is that these nature adventures will be available for our grandkids and to all in the future!

Monica was first introduced to the Nature Center over 30 years ago when Carol Howard, one of the naturalists, came to the school in Franksville where Monica worked, and gave a presentation to the 2nd grade students on owls. Over the years, our own children enjoyed adventures as we took them on many hikes at Wehr. One of our sons even came back to get his wedding photos taken at the waterfall!

After we retired, we were drawn back to Wehr through our grandchildren. Their teachers, Miss Bev, Miss Judy and Mr. Howard, had them mesmerized with their books, props and activities about the animals, plants and nature seen at Wehr. We also began volunteering - Mark with Wheel & Chip and both of us with buckthorn busting and Maple Sugar Days. We served as volunteer coordinators for Cider Sunday, and were helped by so many staff, volunteers and Board members. In addition, we helped with The Adventure Challenge fundraiser.”

Monica and Mark Dombeck
Friends of Wehr members, volunteers, supporters

Join a Committee

“I first started coming to Wehr Nature Center over 25 years ago when I was looking for a place to take our daughter so she could learn to appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature. After I retired, I volunteered for the Wehr Naturally Committee, which includes events such as Ladies Night Out, as well as the Adventure Challenge Committee, and other activities. I thoroughly enjoy working with many dedicated volunteers and the very talented and committed staff.  I also like walking the trails and enjoying the splendor of our Nature Center.”

Kathy Clarey
Friends of Wehr Member, Donor, Volunteer

Part of the Wehr Family

“For over 25 years, I have been involved with Friends of Wehr (FOW) to help support the nature center and its environmental education goals and programs. I think Wehr is a wonderful place with grassland, woodland, and wetland environments offering many opportunities for learning and enjoying nature.

Currently, I volunteer as a FOW board member and teaching naturalist working with school groups, and help with critter care. I have also been the Druid, a group leader, and a wizard (in costume only) during Halloween Haunts. I worked the tree station and drilling station during Maple Sugar Weekend, and I handled critters for Reptile Day. In addition, I volunteered at Cider Sunday, Bug Day and any other event where help was needed. My wife, daughter and grandkids are also involved as volunteers.”

Ron Rebernick
Friends of Wehr board member, lifetime member, volunteer, donor

Your Words & Actions Matter

stimulus note image resized

We asked you to consider using a piece of your stimulus check to help Wehr and many of you answered our call with donations and membership renewal /upgrades. One of our supporters wrote, "This is from my Covid stimulus check. I am passing it on to deserving causes like Wehr Nature Center"

Pam G., Donor


"What we miss by not being able to volunteer at the Wehr Nature Center is being with nature on a regular basis. Being surrounded by nature with its wildlife and vegetation is very healing. It gives us opportunities we wouldn't normally experience. The friends we make there, also gives it a feeling of family, which we have become."

Betty and Bernie Mielcarek, Front Desk/Special Event Volunteers

thank you parking note final

"This falls into the category of most unexpected, and unique thank you note. The self-service pay envelope was pulled from the WNC Iron Ranger this morning. It's a profoundly simple sentiment but not one we hear every day. Good reminder there are folks out there who might not be vocal or outspoken, but who still appreciate what we do."

Howard, Naturalist 

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