VIRTUAL Planning Your Garden: Native Plants and Their Natural Communities

Apr 22, 2020 7:00PM—8:00PM

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VIRTUAL Planning Your Garden 3 Part Series

Attending all 3 sessions of the 3 part series is recommended but not required.  Each session has its own registration; space is limited

Create an oasis for pollinators using native plants in your yard while providing beauty and interest all year round. Learn about host plants, nectaring plants, as well as plants that provide winter forage and shelter. Design your yard with the help of trained staff and get advice for ordering plants from our annual native plant sale.

Please contact Deb McRae with questions and to receive details on joining the virtual experience:

Part 1:  Why Native Plants and Pollinators  –  April 15  (7-8 pm)

As undeveloped areas continue to disappear, what can we do to support the nature we love? Create places for them to live and thrive in our own yards! Gain a better understanding of the reasons why it is important for us to do this—for them and for us.

Registration for Parts 2 & 3 can be found on their coordinating dates

Part 2:  Native Plants and Their Natural Communities  –  April 22  (7-8 pm)

Create a better plan by learning more about individual native plants for woodland, prairie and wet spots. What conditions do they need for best growth? What butterflies, bees and other insects do they support? What other plants are their frequent companions in nature?

Part 3:  How to Create Your Pollinator Garden  –  April 29  (7-8 pm)

Pollinators need at least three species of blooming plants at all times from spring to fall. Learn how to make that happen in your yard, put together a plan, and hopefully recruit your friends and neighbors to do the same. FOW Native Plant Sale Carry Out will be explained. Help with orders will be available.