Wehr Special Events

Women and Girls in Science 2024

Sunday, March 3, 1-4 pm

Most people imagine a man in a white lab coat who looks like Einstein! Breaking the stereotype of who can be successful in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) careers is the goal of this open-house event. Girls (and boys) can catch the “science bug” through hands-on activities and learn about female STEAM pioneers and their important contributions to our world. Local women from various STEAM backgrounds will be in attendance so young women can connect with a potential mentor and everyone can see that anyone can be a scientist!


Maple Sugar Days 2024

Saturday & Sunday, March 23 & 24, 12-4 pm

Celebrate the spring thaw and our Wisconsin heritage at Wehr’s annual Maple Sugar Days. The program includes a short walk to the sugarbush, a visit to an old-time sugarin’ camp, a boil down demonstration and stories about the Native American origins of maple sugarin’. Everyone will receive a warm pancake with real Wisconsin maple syrup to enjoy. Other maple treats, along with DIY tapping equipment will be on-sale in the Friends of Wehr Nature Store.

woman maple tapping resized

Bug Day 2024

Sunday, September 8, 12-4 pm

Explore the wonderful world of invertebrates through Show, Tell, and Touch displays featuring live critters from Wisconsin and across the globe. Dress like a bug, join a guided insect safari hike, and sample tasty insect treats from the Critter Café. Invertebrates are essential pollinators, decomposers, food for critters (and people), and so much more. Learn how insects help us and how you can help the insects.

20170917-_DSC8143Bug day Wehr nature

Halloween Haunts 2024

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 17, 18, 19, 6-8:30 pm

Enjoy Halloween the natural way at Wehr's Special 35th Edition of Halloween Haunts. Halloween Haunts combines the make-believe, spooky fun of Halloween with the beauty of nighttime nature to create a fun event for the whole family. For three nights each year, Wehr's woodland is transformed into an Enchanted Forest complete with a cackling witch, a talking owl, and even some rapping arthropods. Visitors are amazed by the over three hundred Jack-o-lanterns that light the path through the forest. The walk is just spooky enough to keep kids on their toes, but is designed to create chuckles and smiles, not nightmares.