We had a volunteer recognition luncheon on November 6th.  Thanks to the 397 volunteers who logged in 12,635 hours in the last year to support the Nature center and it’s programs. Jim Wroblewski, Deb McRae and Ted Bosch; all shown in the photo, were the three Friends who logged in the most hours last year…

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Don’t feed the animals

Thank you to the nice human that thought they were doing something kind for wildlife by leaving a large pile of bread next to the trail in the woods.  Unfortunately, it is not a great thing for wildlife to eat. Think about that gluten intolerant friend or family member that can’t eat bread and what…

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If Birds Could Be Clowns, This One Would Fit The Bill

Photo of an American Woodcock, a bizarre looking woodland shorebird in the sandpiper family

The American woodcock (Scolopax minor)– aka Timberdoodle, Bog sucker, Mudsnipe, Hokumpoke, Night partridge, Labrador twister, and Mud bat to name a few – is a bizarre looking woodland shorebird in the sandpiper family with unique looks and interesting behaviors. Woodcock adaptations include an exceptionally long probing bill with a flexible tip, ideal for finding their…

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